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You need your Board to give.

Four Businesspeople In Boardroom Talking

100% Board giving is becoming more of a requirement than a nicety. Foundations are asking for it, major donors are asking for it, and as leaders of your nonprofit, your Board members should all be giving.

It’s mighty hard to go out in the community and ask other to give to your great cause, if organizational leaders aren’t giving their financial support. So why aren’t they giving? And how do you get them to understand that they must?

We’ll tell you.


Here’s what we’ll cover:

  • We’ll help you understand why they aren’t giving and how you can reach that 100% mark without shame, blame, or guilt.
  • We’ll teach you how to set the expectation for giving before someone’s first day on your Board. You’ll get tips for shifting the culture of your Board toward personal financial support.
  • You’ll hear some real stories from the field as we teach you techniques that work.
  • You’ll learn why you need to change your thinking about your Board and how you work with them so you can get the exact result you want.
  • Plus, you’ll get some great handouts to help you get started with your Board giving campaign right away.




    • Board Member Requirements Worksheet
    • Board Member Job Description
    • Functions of the Board
    • Board Member Responsibilities
    • Sample Board Member Agreement
    • Sample Board Member Fundraising Commitment Form


About your trainers:

sandy and sadie


Sandy Rees is a coach/trainer who specializes in showing nonprofit leaders how to raise the money of their dreams. She’s trained dozens of nonprofit Boards how to love their job and step through their fear of fundraising so they can fully fund their programs.





Mandy Pearce is an expert grant writer and fundraiser, and loves to see nonprofits raise big bucks. She’s raised thousands for small nonprofits all over the southeast, and has successfully engaged many Board members in fundraising.


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