We all want to be more productive, right? It’s the key to getting ahead, being more successful, and all that stuff.

If you’d like to have some great tips on productivity, you’re in luck!

Here’s the latest from the Nonprofit Blog Carnival, hosted most recently by Nancy Schwartz over at Getting Attention!

There are some great tools and bits of advice here. My favorite in the list is “You don’t have to work 100+ hours a week” from Natasha Golinsky.

Read the whole thing at http://gettingattention.org/2014/04/nonprofit-staff-productivity-satisfaction/.

And if you need more help, remember that Chapter 1 in the Get Fully Funded system is all about getting a handle on your time, your priorities, and putting systems in place so you can set yourself up for successful fundraising. You can download chapter 1 for free here: http://getfullyfunded.com/get-fully-funded-system.

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