Whew!  I’m just back from several days in Chicago at the AFP conference.

I’ve been to this event many times and I love it.  I love all the great speakers and all the cool people I get to hang out with.

This year, I was an active participant in the Twitter conversation going on during the conference.  There were several really interesting things that were shared and I thought I’d share my top 16 fundraising ideas with you.


“First 30 days after someone signs up for your email or e-newsletter is when they are most responsive”

“We don’t need rich board members, we need GENEROUS board members”

“Admit mistakes. Don’t be afraid of the power of being a real person”

“Only a fraction of donors giving online but the majority visit an org’s website before giving off-line.”

“Our mindset, not our methodology, accounts for 80% of our success”

“Ur case statement shld set ppl’s hair on fire. Don’t use jargon, it is a flame retardant”

“There are 1.6 million registered charities in the US. Ask your board why they work with yours.”

“Every communication you put in front of a donor should send the right message”

“The more you focus on the donor the more money you will raise”

“There’s a difference in doing good and doing spomething that makes you feel good.”

“Fundraising is a noble profession”

“Board members want to meet and work with other crackerjack people”

“Do not ask high level people to do low level work”

“After all is said & done, more is said than done”

“Boring meetings = a bored Board.”

“When in doubt, throw a party.”


If you were at the conference too and have lessons to add, I’d love for you to share them!

  1. Sandy – I got so much out of this year’s conference too, and these are some real gems! Thanks for sharing quotes good enough to post above your desk! It was fun meeting you and the conference and I’m sorry we didn’t get to hang out more.

  2. Sandy – Thanks for posting some of the best tweets from the conference! This was my first AFP conference and I have to say, I felt like I was “in the know” about what went on at every session — especially those I couldn’t attend — thanks to the #afpmeet Twitter feed. It really added a lot to the conference experience!

  3. Thanks for compiling these. My favorite? When in doubt, throw a party! So often we forget to take a moment to celebrate a win. Taking that time out definitely helps us to be re-energized to go out and get the next win.

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