In my experience, there’s no magic bullet for fundraising success.  Meeting your goals and raising big money are usually the result of doing a lot of little things consistenty.  Here are 4 key things you can do to ensure your success this year. 

  1. Diversify your revenue streams. Your funding should come from lots of different sources and no one source makes up more than about 30% of your overall revenue.  I’m talking about fundraising here, not program fees or earned income.  If more than half of your revenue comes from one grant or event and that grant or event goes away, what then?  Don’t let that happen!  Diversified and balanced revenue streams will help you take the loss of a grant or donor in stride without too much trouble.
  2. Focus long-term. A successful fundraising program builds long-term sustainability.  Don’t create a plan just to get money for this year.  Raise money for this year but also for next year and coming years.
  3. Pick the lowest hanging fruit on the tree.  In other words, choose strategies and activities that will bring you the most ‘bang for the buck.’  Be as efficient and effective as you can with the limited resources you have to use.
  4. Focus on relationships.  Successful donor relationships are critical to the success of your fundraising program.  In fact, without donors, you have NO fundraising!  Everything you do must build or strengthen relationships with your donors.

Is there anything you would add?  I’d love to hear it!  Click on the comment link and share!

  1. Innovate.

    Use Lean Fundraising.

    This may resemble #3, but think of systems you can put into place that will automate your processes as much as possible. Pare down to your essential tasks. Eliminate unnecessary steps, work, and events that draw away from your main money-makers at your nonprofit.

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