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You’re here to change more lives and make a difference.

Let’s move you faster toward that goal with WAY more income and support.


It’s not a pipedream.

Lots of organizations have figured out how to raise all the money they need to fully fund their annual operations. And they’re attracting volunteers like bees to honey, not to mention their kick-a$$ Board.

How do they do it?


Learn what the wildly successful nonprofits are doing in this video training called

5 Simple Secrets of Fully-Funded Non-profits

You CAN become the nonprofit in town that everyone is talking about and everyone wants to give to. And it’s not that hard to do. It just takes a few adjustments to your strategy and your thinking to make it a reality.

This training is for you if you’re

  • Ready to hit the ball out of the park when it comes to fundraising
  • Set on achieving an outlandish goal in your community that really matters, like eliminating hunger or becoming “no kill”.
  • Tired of being overlooked by local foundations and businesses because your cause isn’t sexy.


In this training, you’ll learn how to become the kind of nonprofit that cannot be ignored.

You’ll learn:

  • Why no one gets excited about mediocre goals, and how to set one that will attract donors like moths to a flame
  • The mindset of a wildly successful nonprofit leader, and how to guard yours so you don’t lose to doubt and fear
  • How to charm donors and prospects so that they ask YOU how they can help
  • How to build an army of ambassadors for your cause, spreading the word like a tidal wave washing over the shore
  • Why you MUST learn to ASK for support, and some tips for how to do it and still be comfortable in your own skin
  • The importance of giving donors a good experience so they’ll keep giving month after month and year after year

When you learn to fully fund your nonprofit and gain the attention of your community with your big vision, ANYTHING is possible!


Here’s what you’ll get with your registration:

  • One hour video training that you can watch whenever it’s convenient
  • Downloadable handouts you can use to follow along


You’ve got big work to do. You can’t afford to mess around being mediocre (the world doesn’t need another mediocre nonprofit!).

Let me help you skyrocket your nonprofit’s impact with this video training.


About your trainer:

sandy and sadie
Sandy Rees is a coach/trainer who specializes in showing nonprofit leaders how to raise the money of their dreams. She’s trained dozens of nonprofit Boards how to love their job and step through their fear of fundraising so they can fully fund their programs.


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