Today’s blog post comes from my friend Betsy Baker, a grant-writing consultant and teacher.

As a grant writing consultant for the past 8 years for a variety of nonprofit clients, I often run into the eager beaver convinced that I can find them the “magic” grant that will alleviate all their financial woes.

Do grant monies exist that will help support present and future activities of the organization?  Certainly.Betsy Baker

Do organizations win such grants through magical powers?  Certainly not.  (Forgive me of my overuse of “magical.”  In planning a Disney trip for my 3 year old I keep hearing “Have a magical day” at the end of every phone conversation.)

You see, nonprofits that win big grants to help sustain their activities on a more long-term basis have implemented a strategy that makes them grant ready.

It’s not about finding the grant – it’s about being ready to receive the grant.  Today, you, lucky reader, will learn what makes an organization “grant ready.”  Get ready by following The 6 Simple Rules for Winning Big Grants:

Simple Rule #1 – Demonstrate your importance – what would happen to the community you serve if you suddenly were unable to deliver service?  Don’t be gloomy but do paint an accurate picture of what your community would be missing without your services.

Simple Rule #2 – Talk about the lives you touch – Can you easily identify your target audience?  With their permission, tell their stories to back up your statistics.  The trend in fund raising is compelling story telling – not a “just the facts, ma’am” presentation.

Simple Rule #3 – Explain how your program makes a difference – Potential funders are interested in the benefits of your program, not your program’s features.

Simple Rule #4 – Be an example of best practice – are you as an organizational staff constantly working to improve your own performance?

Simple Rule #5 – Be a sound investment – keep your organization in check with “housekeeping” such as an appropriate governing body, updated personnel policies, up to date bylaws, etc.

Simple Rule #6 – Be  gracious funding partner – for example, ALWAYS thank grant partners, submit required reports on time, live up to any advertising you have promised a grantor.


Betsy Baker is dedicated to helping the small nonprofit.  Whatever your grant writing goals, trust The Grant Authority to help you realize them! Sometimes it’s possible to get more than what you pay for. See what a difference The Grant Authority can make for you! Visit Betsy at

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