In fundraising, quality trumps quantity.

It’s better to do a few things and do them really, really well than to do lots of things halfway.

The 90-Day Makeover is a customized laser-focused coaching program is perfect to tackle one specific funding project or revenue stream, and maximize its potential. You could use the 90-Day Makeover to start a new fundraising strategy, restart a strategy you used to use but stopped (for whatever reason), or tweak and up level a current strategy that isn’t generating the results you want.

The 90-Day Makeover is delivered virtually using Skype/telephone and email. After filling out an assessment and initial consultation, together we will establish your overall goal and schedule the weekly milestones to achieve it. Like any good coaching program, the 90-Day Makeover is likely to push you out of your comfort zone and to your limits as you think outside the box, learn new skills, and implement changes. You’ll need to commit a block of your time, energy, and resources to work with us to create game-changing results for your organization.

We offer a variety of 90-Day Makeover options to meet the most common needs we hear from nonprofit leaders. See which one(s) might help you move quickly toward fully funding your nonprofit.

  • Creating a written annual Fundraising Plan (includes evaluating last year’s numbers to identify those things you can stop doing and those things that can be more fruitful, plus creating a calendar for all fundraising and related activities)
  • Creating a Donor Retention Plan (includes a review of your current donor communications activities, acknowledgement activities, and stewardship)
  • Starting a Major Donor Campaign (includes prospect identification, evaluation, relationship building, and Ask strategies)
  • Raising up to $50,000 for a specific program or project (includes program/project budget creation, donor prospect identification, creation of a gift table, and Ask strategies)
  • Planning a signature special event (includes evaluation of current special events, identification of opportunities, creation of a timeline/budget, volunteer strategy, marketing, and attendance
  • Creating a monthly giving program (includes developing program structure, messaging, marketing, and administration)
  • Creating a Case Statement (includes creation of boilerplate text for multiple uses)
  • Creating a Donor Acknowledgement Plan (includes review of current Thank You letters, developing recognition strategies, and assigning acknowledgement tasks)
  • Creating a hard-copy Direct Mail Campaign (includes overall strategy, list identification, theme and content selection, Ask strategies, production schedule creation, and results evaluation)
  • Creating a Donor-Focused Newsletter (includes overall strategy, theme and content selection, production schedule, and results evaluation)
  • Maximizing your donor-tracking software (includes review of program set up, data entry procedures, reporting, and training needs)
  • Plan for recruiting great new Board members (includes creation of a Board member skills matrix, identification of need, clarification of responsibilities, Board member application, and recruitment process)
  • Creating a Volunteer Maximization Plan (include job descriptions, orientation, acknowledgement, & firing)
  • Creating a signature talk (includes scheduling, messaging, storytelling, timing, call to action, and leveraging opportunities)
  • Making fundraising a priority (includes time management, organization, systems, and accountability)
  • Creating a Marketing Communications Plan (includes target audience identification, key message development, positioning, media relationships, materials review, and communication strategy plan)
  • Creating a Donor Cultivation Event (includes overall strategy, planning, identify attendees, and develop follow-up strategy)
  • Doubling your donor base (includes creation of an Ideal Donor Profile, donor survey strategy, and donor acquisition plan)
  • Creating a Lapsed Donor Renewal Plan (includes overall strategy, donor segment identification, communication plan, and Ask strategies)
  • Results Evaluation (includes fundraising results review, calculation of donor retention rates, top donor identification, average gift size review, direct/indirect cost review, strategy termination, and reporting)

The 90-Day Makeover is a “no excuse zone” because we have limited time to help you achieve big results. The greatest success will come for those who are willing to put it all on the line and do whatever it takes.
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