What if fundraising were painless and fun instead of scary and overwhelming?

You could grow faster.

You could eliminate a waiting list.

You might even sleep better at night!

It’s time you learned how to raise serious money.

It doesn’t have to be complicated or time-consuming either.

It’s a fact: the more money you raise, the more lives you can change.

And you don’t have time to waste, trying to figure it out on your own.

Lives are depending on your nonprofit, right now, to provide services.

AMPLIFY YOUR IMPACT! Practical Fundraising For Those Who are New, Uncertain,
Inexperienced, or Lost

Amplify Your Impact is a training program designed for passionate nonprofit leaders who don’t have time to waste figuring out fundraising on their own. It’s about showing you how to shortcut your learning curve and increase your confidence so you can raise money quickly and sustainably.


You’re new to fundraising and trying to raise money fast for a great cause.

You’re responsible for fundraising but aren’t sure what to do, and you’re pretty sure you’re missing some things because it’s way too hard right now.

You’ve tried raising some money and are unhappy with your results.

You’ve just founded a nonprofit and are so new you don’t know where to start.



You already know everything.

You think you know everything.

Your fundraising program is sophisticated and you’re just looking for some new ideas.

Just Imagine:

You’re clear about exactly which strategies will bear the most fruit for your specific nonprofit.

You have dozens of supporters who cheerfully give every time you ask, simply because they love your mission.

You always have the right words that inspire people to give big and give often.

100% practical, usable content

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Annual Plan

    Choose the right mix of events, grants and asks to fully fund your budget

  • Grow your base of support

    Find ideal new donors who are ready to give

  • Inspire Donors to Give

    Learn what to say to grab their hearts and motivate them to give

  • Ask for Anything!

    Learn how to ask for exactly what your nonprofit needs, no matter the situation

  • Keep ‘em giving

    Build loyalty and trust so they give over and over

  • Rinse and repeat

    Create systems that make fundraising easy and predictable


Each week on Tuesdays at 2 pm eastern from Apr 4 – May 9, we’ll focus on one aspect of fundraising and donor inspiration. There’s no theory here – just practical, real-world, “from-the-trenches” info you can use right away!


  • Live webinar

    In these six 60-minute laser-focused trainings, I’ll teach you exactly what you need to know to raise more money. No fluff here – only practical, proven techniques with real stories as examples. ($1,182.00 value)

  • Q&A session

    Immediately after the webinar, we’ll have Q&A time. You’ll have the chance to ask questions, clarify your thoughts, and get focused on your next steps. ($441.00 value)

  • Handouts

    Each week, you’ll get handouts containing note pages, worksheets, and templates to make learning fun and easy. ($597.00 value)

  • Supplemental materials

    To accompany each session, you’ll get extra materials including webinar recordings, video trainings, and instructional guides so you can dive deeper into the topics when you need them. ($1,182.00 value)

You’ll get the recordings from each training and Q&A session so you can review them again to catch anything you missed the first time.


  • Getting Help. Build your team even when all you can pay is a pat on the back. You’ll learn to find and keep good people to help you move forward faster. ($97.00 value)

  • Inner Game of Fundraising. Learn to manage your mindset around money so you can raise big bucks while still feeling comfortable in your own skin. ($97.00 value)

  • Time to Take Off. Master your time and priorities so you can control the chaos and get the right things done each day without working 24/7. ($97.00)

  • Plus, each week, I’ll give you one good idea that if you act on it, could generate at least $500, so you can easily start raising money FAST (and quickly recoup your investment in this program!). ($6,000.00 value)

That’s a total value of $9,693.00 for this program!

What's this worth to your nonprofit?

What’s financial security worth to your nonprofit, knowing that you’ll have the tools to bring in money any time you need it? Hundreds? Thousands?

What’s a good night’s sleep worth for you? And knowing you don’t have to worry about money anymore? (priceless!)

Oh, you can probably figure some of this out for yourself. But how long will that take? How many mistakes will you make? How many lives will suffer while you’re throwing spaghetti at the wall trying to get something to stick? That’s the true cost. And one you can easily avoid.

Imagine – no more overwhelm. No more DIY disasters. No more raising dribs and drabs that aren’t worth the time you spent raising money.

Amplify Your Impact
Practical Fundraising For Those Who are New, Uncertain, Inexperienced, or Lost

Shorten your learning curve. Increase your confidence.
Explode your results.
Registration for this 6-week program with all its bonuses is:

Pay in Full- $497

3 payments of $177


(Here’s what others have to say)

“I was lucky enough to find you in my first year of operation with my nonprofit. I’m learning to do things right the first time instead of wasting time and energy on mistakes. I’ve gotten so many ideas that I’ve been able to use and translate to real dollars coming in the door. I’m looking forward to improving my board and am actually excited about grant writing. I rely on you more than anyone else to support my organization. Thank you!”
Becky Roy, Founder, Draft Gratitude, Winchester, NH

“I entered the nonprofit world about 1 year ago and through a recommendation from our organization’s President & CEO, I immediately looked to Sandy for guidance. She has been amazing to work with, and a terrific mentor and resource. Even though my knowledge of fundraising was limited, she helped me create a plan to grow our major gift society from about 80 members to over 125. These people each give $1,000 or more, so that’s an increase of over $40,000! I would highly recommend Sandy to anyone entering the nonprofit world and looking for great ways to become fully funded!”
Courtney Steckel, Director of Development, Humane Society of Greater Dayton, Dayton, OH

“Sandy brings her expertise and years of experience to teach, guide, and support you. Her friendliness and training demeanor proves that she is on your side and part of your team. The fundraising plan she worked out for the Haven set us up to raise $100,000 this year – a significant increase over last year. I learned so much through our weekly sessions, and I now feel confident going forward. Sandy taught me the tools I need to assure that our herd of retired Thoroughbreds will be fully funded throughout the coming years.”
Cheryl A. Bellucci , Volunteer Director of Fund Raising & Promotion, Our Mims Retirement Haven, Paris, KY

“Using the Get Fully Funded materials has helped our organization focus on building relationships and not the monetary transaction. Building relationships has been the key to fully funding our success and keeping the guinea pigs in our care healthy, happy and on their way to new forever homes. Using Sandy’s methods we raised more money in 2015 than we did in the previous 5 years! She explains things clearly and she genuinely cares about our success.”
Jeremy and Tracy Henle Founders, Crazy Cavies Guinea Pig Rescue Inc., Coral Springs, FL

Amplify Your Impact

Shorten your learning curve. Increase your confidence. Explode your results.

Registration for this 6-week program with all its bonuses is:

Pay in Full- $497

3 payments of $177