Yesterday, Jason Dick had a great post on his blog about not reinventing the wheel.

“I am constantly amazed at the diverse strategies and creative ideas all around us. However, in reality most of what’s new and exciting has already been done. Why, then, do we feel like we need to start from scratch? There is a lot of value to keeping your eye on what other people are doing and replicating strategies that work.

Often, a fellow fundraiser is more than willing to share his or her ideas. I’ve even had nonprofit professionals offer to let me use pledge forms and program descriptions they created word for word to save me time. In this way, I have found most nonprofit professional to be more collaborative than combative, very willing to speak candidly about techniques that work for them.”

I have personally shared countless forms, timelines, strategies, and plans with other fundraisers.  And I always tell my clients to call me if there’s something they need, because I can get my hands on hundreds of forms.

Take a look around you.  What resources do you have that you aren’t taking advantage of?

If you’re an AFP member, are you utilizing the resource center? They can get you samples of just about anything.

Are you in a mentoring relationship with someone you can learn from?

No need to look for “new” fundraising ideas. 

Find something that’s been done successfully and modify it to fit your organization.

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