We all need a dose of inspiration to help fuel our passion.

Watch this short video and see if it helps fire you up for taking care of your donors.


  1. This is a terrific video. We can look at serving others as a chore or an opportunity to make a difference. Those who view it as an opportunity are going to make the biggest difference.

  2. While seeing this several times before, I still love it’s various messages. One of those has been on my mind a lot as of late; we will never properly measure our full impact when we simply know our gift to the world and leverage our strength to push it out to people – be it through a grocery bag, a blog, a book, in our speech … but always in our love.

  3. I love the message in this story! Thanks for sharing Sandy. It’s definitely one for all of us to think about – how we can create that kind of joy and hope with our donors.

  4. Allowing space to be able to be of “johnny” service! When we feel that our work has a purpose, a meaning and a calling and not just a paycheck we are willing to open ourselves up to making others feel special.

  5. My friend and fundraiser extraordinaire Janet Hedrick talks about gratitude in her book Effective Donor Relations. One of the key parts about acts of gratitude is that they are unexpected and memorable.

    Johnny’s story shows the power of gratitude.

  6. I do love this story. I’ve shared it over the years verbally and read it but had not seen this video. Thank you, Sandy, for the reminder that just being ourselves in a meaningful way can make a huge difference!

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