You CAN become a game changer. You just need a plan and some support.


Let’s face it: You need more money. The more money you raise, the more animals you can save.

And you don’t have time to waste, trying to figure it out yourself.

Instead, you need someone you can trust to show you exactly where to focus, so you can bring in the big bucks. You need a predictable system to create repeatable revenue.

You need Animal Rescue Fundraising Club, or ARF Club.

ARF Club_2

ARF Club is a 12-month training program designed to fit your busy schedule and give you just what you need to raise the money you need to full fund your programs. In ARF Club, you’ll get laser-focused training delivered by video with practical nuggets you can use right away.Imagine – no more overwhelm. No more throwing spaghetti at the wall trying to find something that works. No more figuring it out yourself. No more raising nickels and dimes.

Just follow the steps in the video and the downloadable worksheets. It’s simple and easy. You’ll never again have to wonder what you should be doing next.

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Here’s what you’ll get in ARF Club:

  • Monthly video training. Each month, we’ll tackle one piece of the fundraising puzzle and show you how to master it quickly. The videos are “on demand” so you can watch at your convenience.
  • Downloadable worksheets. Implementation is easy with our step-by-step worksheets!
  • Private Facebook group. You’ll love the support in this online community of your peers where you can share your celebrations and get help when you need it, anytime day or night.
  • Monthly Club Q&A Call. Get all your questions answered!
  • Monthly Done For You Tool. We’ll do the work for you – just customize and use it! Look for thank-you letters, grant leads, social media posts, and more.
  • Weekly motivational email. Every week you’ll get an email to keep you motivated and focused.



You’re about to make the world a better place for our animal friends.
Don’t let fundraising get in your way. 


10K Animal Rescue front

You’re serious about saving lives. Now it’s time to get serious about raising money. After all, the more money you raise, the more lives you can save.

This book will walk you step by step  through the process of planning for and asking for  donations for your nonprofit. It comes complete with worksheets and templates designed to save you time and make the process as simple and easy as possible.

If you’re new to nonprofit fundraising this book will be a lifesaver, and give you exactly  what you need to raise big bucks  for the animals that depend on you.


Price $97

Sale — $47 —

Includes FREE Shipping




 You’ve got big work to do.


Sit Stay Give cover

Lives are literally depending on you. You don’t have time to struggle or make costly mistakes. You need a simple, proven system to easily raise the dollars you need, without begging and without second-guessing yourself.

Sit Stay Give gives you the tools you need to raise funds quickly and fully fund your programs. You’ll get straightforward instruction on

  • Where to find new donors
  • What to say to grab their attention
  • How to ask for donations
  • How to keep people giving year after year
  • Tips for getting grants
  • And more!“Inspiring and motivating!”  “Can’t wait to get started!”  “Wish I’d had this sooner!”   See for yourself why our students love this training

Stop chasing your tail searching for dollars!  Learn how to create repeatable and long-term fundraising to support your animal welfare organization.  3-part DVD set.


Price $97

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Buy these two together and save!

10K Animal Rescue frontSit Stay Give cover


Price $114

Sale — $97 —

Includes FREE Shipping






You’re serious about taking BIG steps with your animal welfare nonprofit and changing more lives. With the right tools, it’ll be simple. 


The Breakthrough Package has everything you need to get organized and get moving toward raising more money than ever before. In it, you’ll get: 

  • Fundraising Buffet
  • 10K Fundraising for Animal Rescue:  How to Raise Your First (or Your Next) $10,000
  • Sit Stay Give:  3-part Video Series
  • 12 Month Membership in Animal Rescue Fundraising (ARF) Club
  • Board Training in a Box for the small nonprofit
  • 1-Hour coaching call with Sandy


If purchased individually, you’d pay $1,472, but you can save $475 when you get the Animal Rescue Breakthrough Package!

— $997 —

Includes FREE Shipping