Ahoy me hearties! It’s Talk Like a Pirate Day, so I thought I’d have a little fun and write my tips pirate-style for you.  Enjoy!

Avast ye!  Hearten to these tips that are like pieces of eight in your purse.  So weigh anchor and hoist the mizzen!

Abandon hope all ye who enter here?  No need.  Fundraising need not be scary.  Keep your wits about ye and heed not the scallywags who say it can’t be done.  There’s booty aplenty just awaiting for ye, savvy?

The trick is to draft friends and mates.  Hold ’em close so they won’t jump ship.  Yarr that be right.  Lifetime friends are the best treasure your nonprofit crew can pillage.

Keep to the code.  There’s no need to become a filthy bilgerat. Being polite and ethical will save the day.

Climb to the crow’s nest to see what’s coming.  A view from the sky reveals the shallows where many shipwrecks occur.  Stay to the deep waters and watch your charts with a sharp eye to stay on course.

Keep everything shipshape.  No one wants a mess on the poopdeck.  Not even pirates tolerate clutter!

Now, you scurvy dog, time to heave ho and get to pillagin’.  Let no barnacles grow underneath ye as you seek to fill the treasure chests of your organization..


  1. Aye Aye mate. I believe that having your lots of friend on board and keep’em up is the great treasure if pirate have.
    He he he.. I have a great time your reading your pirate style ..

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