Being talked at doesn’t feel good to anyone.

I think a lot of nonprofits talk at their donors. Instead of sharing information the donor may find interesting, they fire-hose information that they want them to know, and donors don’t like it.



Great communication with your nonprofit donors means you are sharing and engaging in meaningful two-way conversation that flows naturally.  It’s the difference in being talked with and being talked at.

It doesn’t feel good to a donor to be talked at, so here are some things for you to think about as you are communicating with your donors:

1) Make this clear distinction in your mind. Focus on talking with them and having authentic conversations about things they care about and sharing information about the organization that they want to know about.

2) Invite communication back at every opportunity by making it easy for them to respond to you. Provide your email address and phone number on all correspondence. Ask them if they have any questions, comments, ideas or suggestions. Welcome feedback and encourage open dialogue. Use Facebook to help start the conversation and engage your online community.

Remember, great relationships are built on communications and it has to be two-way street.

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