Nonprofit leaders who want to raise more money —

What if you could magically create the perfect fundraising plan…


Let me ask you something —


Wand_Blue_RGBHave you ever wished someone would pull back the curtain and give you all the insider information you need about how to create a written fundraising plan?


You know, one that doesn’t take forever to put together and is simple to create?



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Meet Bob. He needs a plan.

That’s exactly where Bob was not too long ago.

You see, Bob is the Executive Director of a small nonprofit and he needs a comprehensive fundraising plan to fully fund his annual operating budget, but isn’t sure where to start.

The problem is, he has SO much on his plate that he doesn’t have enough time to get everything done, much less carve out time to put together a fundraising plan.

That means he spends his time putting out fires and working against deadlines, because he’s always behind. He takes work home nearly every evening and weekend just trying to stay caught up.

AND – without a plan, he’ll raise money in spurts, mostly by trial and error, never really bringing in the big bucks his organization needs.

To make things even worse…

Bob got all caught up in the idea that most Directors, Founders, and nonprofit Leaders buy into – planning is hard.

Luckily, Bob found the “insider information” he needed just in time to help him create a simple plan to guide his fundraising efforts. The best part? It’s a simple 1-page plan.


Announcing “6 Figure Fundraising Blueprint”

livestream workshop


Friday, June 26, 2015: 1 PM – 4 PM Eastern

Livestream video training delivered right to your computer


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Here’s Bob with his $100,000 plan. He’s excited to raise money now.

My 6 Figure Fundraising Blueprint workshop guides you through the process of creating a comprehensive plan for adding $100,000 for your nonprofit’s ongoing operations.

It includes only the parts you need so you don’t waste time chasing tactics that won’t work. And it’s completely customizable so you can make it work for YOUR nonprofit.


Here’s my story…

I remember sitting in the Development Director’s chair early in my career. I didn’t have a lot of experience or knowledge about what to do, so I just repeated all the activities of the year before. My results weren’t terrible, but they weren’t stellar either. And I needed BIG bucks coming in to support my nonprofit’s programs.

The biggest problem was that NOTHING was written down. I really had no idea how things had gotten done the prior year. So I was constantly reinventing the wheel (not fun!).

In my 6 Figure Fundraising Blueprint workshop, I’ll help you avoid all that messy stuff that I went through, and get you RIGHT to a clear, workable, WRITTEN plan.

I’ll show you how to

  • Create a practical fundraising plan that meets your needs (NOT a cookie-cutter approach)
  • Remove all the guess work from the planning process – no need to wonder where to start or what format to use
  • Transform your daily activities from reactive to proactive (THIS is a game changer!)

And, to make things even better, the format I will teach you uses a 1 page plan that you can complete in an afternoon. In fact, you should be most of the way finished by the time we’re done with the workshop!

What’s it cost?

You can find webinars online that teach a little about planning. And you may find workshops in your town, too. But neither will give you the in-depth material that you’ll get in this workshop.

I’ve crammed a ton of value into this workshop. I’m going to give you some of the tools that I use personally when I help nonprofits lay out their plans for the year.

The workshop price is $147 and that includesElise_Doodle_Brown_RGB

  • Pre-workshop worksheets to gather the info you’ll need to complete your plan during the workshop
  • Workbook full of worksheets
  • 1-Page Fundraising Plan template
  • Organization-wide registration (bring others from your nonprofit at no extra cost)
  • Recording of the video training
  • Q&A Call 4 weeks after the workshop (July 24)



This is your chance to get your fundraising plan out of your head and on paper so you can set yourself up for the greatest success in the coming year. Understand that

  • Without a plan you’ll never fully fund your budget.
  • If your fiscal year starts July 1, you need to get your plan in writing NOW.
  • My Fundraising Plan template is proven and makes it super easy to get your plan created so you can start raising the money of your dreams.


Sign up for Fundraising Blueprint now and let me help you create a plan that’s simple to create & use.




Register by June 19 and get these bonuses:

I love throwing cherries on top of the ice cream, so I’m adding in these three goodies I think you’ll love:

  1. “5 Simple Secrets of Fully Funded Nonprofits” – 1 hour video recording of this powerful training where I identify the characteristics that set some nonprofits apart from the pack. $47 value
  2. “14 Low-Cost Ways to Find New Donors” – 1 hour audio with handouts that guide you through the process of identifying your ideal donor prospect then finding them easily. $47 value
  3. “Insider’s Tips to Getting More Grants” – 1 hour audio discussion with Mandy Pearce where we share our best insights to getting more grant dollars for your nonprofit. $47 value



6 Figure Fundraising Blueprint New

6 Figure Fundraising Blueprint

3-hour Virtual Workshop

— $147 —




About your trainer:

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Sandy Rees is a coach/trainer who specializes in showing nonprofit leaders how to fully fund their programs so they can spend more time changing lives and less time worrying about money. She’s taught hundreds of people how to create fundraising plans that have raised millions for missions that matter.


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