In the nonprofit world, everything hinges on fundraising. You’ve got to have money to deliver programs, right? Money keeps the lights on, the staff paid, and everything working. So, what does it really take to be successful in fundraising? Knowledge? Skill? Connections? All those things are definitely helpful. Yet there’s something else. In his book30

By: Sandy Rees Deeper relationships lead to increased giving. You already know that. But did you know that these relationships also create loyal donors? People who feel connected with an organization see themselves as a part of the solution.  As long as the believe that “you + me = we” and we’re changing lives together,30

Guest post by Kathie Kramer Ryan  My favorite thing about foundations is that they exist to give money away. Program officers are paid to answer questions from potential grantees and share information about funding priorities. And when you receive a grant, the award letter stipulates the reporting schedule. Foundations are donors who tell you what30

By: Sandy Rees Fundraising can be easy or it can be hard. I know because I’ve done them both ways. When it’s easy, it’s fun and effortless. When it’s hard, I dread it and find ways to procrastinate. (I bet you understand that!) Successful, easy fundraising is built on two things that are so important,30