In the nonprofit world, everything hinges on fundraising. You’ve got to have money to deliver programs, right? Money keeps the lights on, the staff paid, and everything working. So, what does it really take to be successful in fundraising? Knowledge? Skill? Connections? All those things are definitely helpful. Yet there’s something else. In his book30

Many of my blog readers are on the lookout for something new and different in fundraising. Here’s a guest article on Crowdfunding from Sandip Sekhon at Go Get Funding. This may not be a fit for you, but it’s good to know what’s out there. What is crowdfunding and how can you succeed? Crowdfunding has30

Many of my colleagues and I have been preaching for years that accountability is KEY in fundraising.  And now there are several instances of accountability gone wrong in the news. Here are three and lessons every nonprofit can learn from them. If you haven’t heard about the Susan Komen Foundation’s debacle, then you’ve been living30

        The November Nonprofit Blog Carnival is up!  The host is Pamela Grow and she has put together The quintessential guide to giving thanks. It will take a while to read everything in this post, so go on over there and get started. There’s a piece in there written by yours truly. 30