I saw a great blog post this morning from a former coach of mine, Andrea Lee.

She said:

“If you have been complaining about not earning enough money for more than one month – not earning enough money isn’t really an emergency for you.”

Translated for the nonprofit world, it means if you’ve been complaining about not raising enough money for more than a month, it must not be a problem.

Because if it was REALLY a problem for you, you’d do something about it.

Think about it: there are lots of things we tolerate:  a broken piece of office equipment, a slow computer, a volunteer who isn’t quite working out but we don’t want to have to fire them.  We put up with it for months longer than we should.

A true problem or emergency gets our attention and we do something about it, fast.

Back to fundraising.  Are you raising enough money?  And is that a real problem or are you tolerating it?

This is some tough love, I know.  But here’s the thing:  the time you spend complaining about the situation is a waste.

How about instead, make an action plan and go DO something about it. 

You’ll be much more productive with your time and you’ll likely see things start to happen.

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