Donor relationships are like gardens.

This was the topic of one of my presentations at the AFP Northern Arizona Education Day last week.

Here are some key points that I shared in this session:

Donor relationships bear the most fruit when they are properly tended to.  Keep them weeded, watered, and fertilized, and you’ll be delighted with the results.Sandy at AFP Northern AZ 3

1. Good donor relationships are the key to successful fundraising. Relationships build loyalty.  Loyal donors give again and again, keeping you from always searching for new donors.

2. Two-way communication is critical to building relationships.  We can’t just speak AT our donors.  We must speak WITH them.  Always be on the lookout for ways to give your donors to communicate with you.Sandy at AFP Northern AZ 2

3. Good donor relationships are built on purpose.  We’re so used to relationships growing naturally that it feels a bit uncomfortable to do it on purpose.  But it’s really no different.

Be truly interested in your donor as a person and you can avoid feeling manipulative.


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