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Stop struggling with your board.

Everyone wants a high-functioning Board, full of go-getters who are ready to help raise money and fulfill the mission. But most nonprofit Boards fall woefully short of the dream. Why is that?
On this webinar, you’ll learn how to engage your Board and get them excited to help lead your nonprofit. 

Here are the BIG takeaways you can expect that will help you successfully engage your board:

  • The big secret to engaging a new board member
  • The difference between staff and Board expectations, and how it causes most problems
  • Why Board members often use excuses when you ask them to help
  • The 3 main skills Board members need before they’ll help with fundraising


Plus, I’ll show you my favorite activity for gauging a Board member’s engagement level. You’ll love how simple and easy this is, and how fast you’ll see results when you use it!

About your trainer:

sandy and sadie
Sandy Rees is a coach/trainer who specializes in showing nonprofit leaders how to raise the money of their dreams. She’s trained dozens of nonprofit Boards how to love their job and step through their fear of fundraising so they can fully fund their programs.

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