Founding to Funding
It’s not just your job,

it’s your calling.
And now you need to fund it.
You’ve got a big vision
to change lives.

It’s time you learned how
to bring in serious money.

You won’t raise big bucks until you know how


You never went to fundraising school, so you’re not sure how this works and you don’t want to waste time with trial and error.

You’ve seen other nonprofits raising lots of money, and you know there has to be a formula.

You’re not thrilled at the thought of asking someone for money, but you’re willing to do whatever it takes, because you’re ready to make a change in the world.

What you’d love is for someone to shortcut your learning curve and give you the inside scoop about what it really takes to raise big bucks year after year.


Learn a simple formula to create waves of funding
(even if you’ve never done fundraising before)


From Founding to Funding
4-Part Webinar Series
— $127.00 —



Just Imagine:
  • Surrounding yourself with loyal donors who are happy to support your work.
  • Learn how to grab people by the heartstrings by using the right words
  • Knowing how to ask for a donation at just the right time so you get the most money possible.


I’m Sandy Rees, nonprofit fundraising coach. And I wasn’t born knowing how to raise money.

My fundraising education came from a lot of trial and error. I tried what I saw other nonprofits doing. But without understanding the strategy behind their activities, I made a lot of mistakes. It was messy. And it took a long time for me to get it right.

Once I got it, I raised a ton of money for my organization. Then I went on to do it again and again for employers and then clients.

I want to shorten your learning curve so you don’t have to go through what I did.

Join me for this training and learn to solidify your knowledge of fundraising, filling in the gaps, so you know how to raise the funding bar as your nonprofit grows.

In this highly interactive virtual webinar series, I’ll walk you through a series of exercises to show you how to create sustainable revenue with donor based fundraising.

time to take off 2Module 1: TIME TO TAKEOFF

Recorded Pre-training
In this recorded video training, you’ll learn how to set the stage for donor-based fundraising. We’ll cover the systems you need to have in place and how to carve out the time to work on fundraising. I’ll help you set your priorities and learn to focus so you can get things DONE.


beacons not bullseyesModule 2: BEACONS NOT BULLSEYES

In this live video training, we’ll cover how to build a base of ideal donors who are happy to support you and actually want to see you succeed. You’ll learn a proven technique to identify your ideal donor, and where to find new donors easily. And, you’ll learn how to attract new donors easily instead of chasing them down.


secrets to stickiness 5Module 3: SECRETS TO STICKINESS

Saying the right thing paves the way for new donors to give and keeps current ones giving. But what IS the right thing? In this live video training, we’ll focus on the donor-focused messages you need to be sharing. You’ll learn which words you need to drop from your vocabulary and some simple formulas for the 4 kinds of messages you need in your back pocket


the wonder of wooingModule 4: THE WONDER OF WOOING

Donor based fundraising is all about the relationship. In this live training, you’ll learn how to build a donor relationship on purpose and how to do it without feeling icky. You’ll learn the places where most nonprofit folks mess up donor relationships, and how to avoid them. You’ll feel SO much more confident about interacting with donors when you know what the next step is.

what’s included?

You can find webinars online that teach a little about fundraising. You can find workshops in your own town, too. But none will give you the in-depth material you’ll find in this workshop or the fun, insightful instruction. Here’s what you get with your registration:

  • 1 recorded training: with pre-course assignments
  • 3 live 75-minute video trainings with time for Q&A
  • Downloadable handouts so you can follow along
  • Video recordings so you watch each training again
  • Organization-wide registration (invite others from your organization to join in at no extra charge)
Sign up for Founding to Funding now and let me help you set your nonprofit up for years of successful fundraising
“I’ve never been so engaged for so long in a seminar! You truly have a gift. I’m so confident now with what I learned from you and I’m ready to create a big, bold vision for my new nonprofit. My plan is to be one of your success stories!”

Natalie Erb, Founder, Milly’s Wings
“I wanted to share with you how much I enjoyed this webinar series, and how much I appreciated you using Prescott College as an example during the 2nd session. While we are a non-profit, we aren’t like a food bank or rescue organization, so our “sell” is sometimes trickier to people who are not already connected to the school in some way. But as you said, we won’t apologize for what we do because we’re very proud of our students and who we are as an institution! I also feel that I came away with some great ideas for how to improve our current fundraising tactics, and how to (hopefully) boost our donor pool. Thank you again! It was a real pleasure.”

Deseree Zurcher, Advancement Assistant, Prescott College, Prescott, AZ
“Sandy, you are the BEST at making everyone feel valued. You get to the meat of the matter and tell it like it is. LOVE that! Thanks again for inspiring us and giving practical, down to earth tips to those of us who are out shaking trees everyday for our near and dear causes.”

Linda Slade, Executive Director, High Country United Way
I love throwing cherries on top of the ice cream, so I’m adding in these two goodies I think you’ll love:

Computer_Brown_RGB1.”Money and Mindset for Fundraisers” – 1-hour recorded video training where you’ll learn how your mindset and thoughts about money impact your ability to raise money. You’ll get some powerful shifts and exercises to help you raise your money ceiling so you can raise more money. $47 value

Computer_Brown_RGB2. “Getting Help” – 1-hour recorded video training that teaches you how to get volunteers and Board members to help you. Never again will you hear crickets when you ask folks to step up to the plate! $47 value



Take the From Founding to Funding webinar series. Download the materials and participate in the live video trainings.

If you don’t agree that it’s worth every penny you paid, then just email us within 10 days and we’ll refund your money.


Learn a simple formula to create waves of funding
(even if you’ve never done fundraising before)


From Founding to Funding
4-Part Webinar Series

— $127.00 —