It’s the last Monday and last week of the year.  What will you do to make them count?

You could

  • Call a donor or two to say ‘thank you.’
  • Visit with a donor to let them know how their support has made a difference this year.
  • Email your volunteers to thank them and let them know how many hours they’ve spent with you this year.
  • Pitch a story to your local news media (this is a slow news week).
  • Email your list and let them know they still have time to make a last-minute gift via your website.

You might also spend a little time planning for 2010.  I’ll be bringing you more help on that later.  Right now, you need to get busy making the most of the last few days of 2009!

    • Thanks Dan! I bet you’ll see some wonderful results from the thank you calls you make. They may not be immediate, but remember – you’re building relationships.


  1. Great post Sandy! I like that most of the ideas are saying thank you. I definitely feel like visiting/calling donors this time of year insures success with them in 2010. Have a great new year.

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  3. great comment! it’s amazing to see how far a simple thank you can go. minimal effort and it’s also the right thing to do. it lets people know you care. keep the good ideas coming

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