If you want to be a successful Fundraiser, you must pay attention to details.  No way around it.

Spelling a donor’s name incorrectly can instantly tear down any trust that donor had for your organization.

There’s often a perception that if you can’t handle the small things, you can’t handle the big things.

Here are a couple of details you may not have thought about, but need to be handled.

I received an invitation to an open house recently.  I was unfamiliar with the location, so I plugged the address into my GPS to get directions.  No such location.  The name of the street was misspelled on the invitation.  Luckily, I was able to guess at what the correct spelling was and get the directions.  Lots of people use GPS these days.  Make sure you give a correct address on any materials.

I happened to be away from a computer when I received this invitation.  I had accessed my email with my phone and saw the invite, but couldn’t open it because it was included as an attachment.  My phone doesn’t open attachments.  If I had needed this information immediately, I would have been up the creek.  Lesson learned – include the information in the text of the email for people on the go.

I’m sure there are dozens of other places where we need to pay close attention to the details.  The bottom line is this: make it super easy for your donor to understand and take action. You’ll be more likely to get the result you’re looking for and reach fundraising success.

Please share your lessons learned with the rest of us.  Click on the comment link and tell us what you’ve learned.

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