Have you set your theme or picked your word for the year? I have one for you.


The organizations that are going to be the most successful in fundraising this year are focusing on relationships – with their volunteers, their Board, their best supporters and their donors.

Why relationships? Well, money is not going to fall out of the sky (trust me on this one).

It’s all about getting to know your donors, Board members, volunteers and supporters, and understanding why they care about your organization.

Think about somebody that you are really good friends with. Were you close right off the bat? Probably not. Chances are it took some time to really get to know and like one another.

You don’t get married on the first date.

It takes time for relationships to grow naturally and authentically.

The difference is you are building relationship on purpose and that purpose is to bring them closer to the organization and to engage them in your great work. There is nothing manipulative about it.

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