Methodical. Practical. Easy to Implement. 


The Get Fully Funded System is the blueprint you need to raise more money and change more lives. We’ve developed a step-by-step system that you can follow to create long-term financial stability through donor-based fundraising. It follows industry best practices, current trends, and tried-and-true, field-tested methods. 

The 7 steps of the Get Fully Funded System cover EVERYTHING you need to be successful raising money in the small shop:


  • Step 1: Make fundraising a priority.
  • Step 2: Understand why people give.
  • Step 3: Identify the best donor prospect.
  • Step 4: Tell your story.
  • Step 5: Plan how and when you will ask for a gift.
  • Step 6: Acknowledge the gift and build relationships.
  • Step 7: Evaluate success.

Put the focus back on the people you serve.

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Unlock your board’s potential.


Stop struggling with boards that are inefficient, ineffective, and inexperienced. We provide you with the tools to turn your board into a roomful of ambassadors who care about your cause, are committed to spreading your message, and are actively engaged in helping you meet your fundraising goal.

Board Training in a Box is a step-by-step training program aimed at giving board members (and nonprofit staff):


  • Clarity about basic roles and responsibility
  • Fundraising confidence
  • A truly satisfying experience serving on a board.


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The little book that helps you THINK BIGGER. 


Running a small nonprofit takes a lot of passion and effort. When you don’t yet have the extensive fundraising budgets of larger organizations, it is critical to maximize your time AND maximize your dollars. 

Fundraising Buffet is packed with 101 practical ideas to increase donations and deepen donor satisfaction. You’ll use these down-to-earth, realistic, and proven techniques over and over as you increase your ability to raise money.




  • Great tips to raise more money
  • Powerful advice to engage your donors
  • All contained in one easy-to-digest volume


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