Are you ready to raise more money than ever before?

  • Are you aching for a repeatable, sustainable method of fundraising that works like a charm every time?
  • Are you ready to help more people  and change more lives with expanded services and additional programs?
  • Are you ready to up-level your organization (including your Board), so it becomes the nonprofit everyone wants to be part of?


It’s time to learn what you’ve been missing to create successful fundraising and attract support.

Up to now, you’ve been working hard to create a nonprofit organization that makes a difference in the community. And the thing that seems to get in your way is fundraising.

Honestly, I’m not surprised.  If you’re like other nonprofit Directors, you are compassionate and care deeply about the people your organization serves. Your faith has led you to this place of service and you love seeing lives changed. 

The problem is that you’ve never had formal training in fundraising. You simply haven’t had the chance to learn what works in raising big money for your organization.

I’m confident that once you learn the principles of donor-based fundraising, you can raise all the money your nonprofit needs. Seriously.


The key is to follow a system and take action consistently to get results. 

fundraising stepsHow do I know? Because once upon a time, I was there where you are, trying to figure out how to raise all the money my organization needed to deliver services. I wasn’t about to back down and tell my program staff they’d have to cut services, so I made the decision to play full out and go for it. And the result was fantastic! I tripled the amount of money the organization had been raising in just a few short years, and we were able to dramatically increase the services we offered. Cool, huh?

As you can imagine, I made a lot of mistakes and learned a lot of lessons along the way. All those “do’s” and “don’t's” are included in the system I’ve created and used to help many nonprofits raise the money of their dreams. It’s called Get Fully Funded because I want you to raise ALL the money your nonprofit needs to fulfill your mission.

I know this may sound like a big claim to raise the money of your dreams, but what have you got to lose? (Besides, I’ve already helped lots of people do it!)


Here’s your solution.

Click here to learn about the Get Fully Funded system and what it takes to use it.  Or, click here to learn how to get the Get Fully Funded materials to implement the Get Fully Funded system in your organization.



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