This is a guest post written by my friend and colleague Peggy Jarrett, Senior Trainer for the More to Life program.

I awoke the other morning contemplating the ritual of New Year’s resolutions.  It seems to me that often we come up with resolutions for a variety of reasons.   We ‘should’.   It’s what we do at this time of year.  They really are a ‘good idea’ and these are goals that we need to handle anyway, right?  So, I’ll make x, y and z my New Year’s resolutions.  Done!

Except that I don’t think any of the above is what RESOLVE is really all about.  RESOLVE takes passion, commitment, an unshakeable urge, or what I experience as a ‘fire in my belly’.  If the fire isn’t there, forget it.  It’s likely not going to happen.

As professionals in the non-profit sector, a fire in our bellies is essential – not just a good idea – but essential to create results and ensure the health and success of our organizations.  (A strong fire in the belly also does a lot for one’s personal life 😉

We all need help at times to reignite the embers of our fire. Reigniting, remembering, re-visioning, re-creating…these are all the reasons that Sandy and I are bringing Transformative Leadership to a select few executive directors in January – March of this year.  I urge you not to miss it.

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