If you’ve been watching the news lately, you may be pretty depressed.

They say the economy isn’t getting better and in fact it’s getting worse. Personally, I don’t watch the news anymore because it sucks my energy and leaves me feeling down.

If you’ve been operating on hope and a prayer, it’s time for change.

Hope and prayer are NOT enough for your nonprofit to survive on in the coming months. 

You must have solid fundraising strategy in place to raise money.  You must be out there in the community telling your story.  You must spend face time with your donors.  And you must ask for a gift.

So, how can you maximize your success in the next few months during prime fundraising season?

It’s easy. Build a strategy and implement it.

Create a plan. Set clear, specific, measurable goals. Choose tactics that will work for your organization based on your strengths and what you have to work with. Put it all together in a written document that you can refer to.

Hope is not a strategy.

You’ve got big work to do. Lives depend on you.

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