Whether they know it or not, everyone in your organization is part of the fundraising process.

So you may as well be purposeful about involving them.

From the person who answers the phone to the volunteer coordinator to the person on the front lines, everyone interacts with the public at some point.  This interaction gives an impression of your organization.

If your staff is friendly and warm, people get a positive impression and they’ll be much more likely to give when the time comes.  If they have a sour impression of your staff as grouchy or uncaring, they may not want to support your organization financially.

Put yourself in the donor’s shoes – how does the overall attitude of the nonprofit’s staff affect your interest in giving?

Train your staff (and volunteers) to look at everyone they interact with as a potential million dollar donor. It’ll shift their perspective for the better!

  1. My favorite fundraising tip is to always include an emotive picture with every communication to potential funders whether it is an email blast, a snailmail, a newsletter or a FB posting. The picture feed on our FB page makes that much easier cause there are always pictures there. Good luck with your book!

  2. My best tip (maybe because I struggled with it!) is to believe with all your heart and mind that what you are doing as a fundraiser is vitally important AND that there are individuals and organizations out there that would be blessed to partner with your mission – you just have to put the two together!

  3. My favorite fundraising tip to sustain donors is to send them hand-written cards and notes throughout the year. One of my new favorites is to send them an anniversary card at the anniversary of their first gift to your organization. It brings a smile to their face and is an extra special way just to thank them for their support!

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