It’s fall fundraising time, and for most nonprofits, it is the best time of the year to raise money and reach those annual budget goals.

It’s also the period of the year that fundraisers leave their well-thought out fundraising plan behind and start desperately grasping at straws to bring in any amount of money as possible.

What does that look like?

  • Going after the smaller dollars because it is “easier” than setting up meetings with prospective major donors.
  • Selling merchandise instead of building relationships.
  • Spending countless hours planning an event that doesn’t have a solid return on investment.
  • Getting upset with your Board members and volunteers for not doing “enough”.
  • Working ridiculous hours on tasks that don’t bring in the dollars.
  • Applying for ill-fitting grants that will do more harm than good to your organization.

Are you doing any of those things?

Fundraising isn’t a once-a-year endeavor. It is 12 months of building relationships so you can change lives.

It’s time to dust off your fundraising plan and get to work doing those things that you know will work – and forget the rest.

>> Call former or potential major donors and set up a time to meet.

>> Reconnect with previous donors.

>> Send a direct mail appeal sharing all of your successes and how they can help you continue your great work.

>> Email a year-end appeal with a link to donate online.

>> Ask Board members and volunteers to host house parties that spotlight your organization’s work and offer their friends an opportunity to give.

I’d love to hear what you will be doing over the next two months to get fully funded. Will you leave a comment and share?

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