If your organization is having trouble raising money right now and you’re blaming it on the economy, I want you to stop.

There are lots of nonprofits who are doing just fine.  Many of my clients are raising more money this year than last year.  Attendance at annual dinners and galas is up. Donors are still giving and many have increased their gifts.

What makes the difference between those organizations and yours?

It’s mindset.

What you think about and believe becomes your reality. 

Yep, those little thoughts running around in our heads have more impact on us than we realize.  If you spend your day focused on how bad things are and how you can’t raise money, your thoughts become a self-fulfilling prophecy.  If you focus on what’s possible, you will find opportunities to raise money.

Here are some BIG THOUGHTS I want you to think:

  • There is enough money out there for all of us.  Every nonprofit can raise all the money they need to fulfill their mission.  Don’t look at other nonprofits as competition either.  Focus on the fact that if every person who gives to a charity gave just 1% more, we’d all be cash flush!
  • The best fundraising is based on donor relationships.  Our donors are NOT ATM machines and we have to stop treating them that way.  Focus on your donors as friends and partners in your work, then treat them as such.
  • Passion is contagious!  Share your passion for your work.  The more excited you are about the life-changing work your organization is doing, the more others will be excited and want to help.
  • Have an Attitude of Gratitude.  Be grateful for everything.  Thank your donors.  Thank your volunteers. Thank the people who pick up your trash.  You never know who might be capable of connecting you with an invaluable resource or dropping a large gift in your lap!

You can change your circumstances, but you have to first change your mindset.

Start monitoring your thoughts.  Dump the negative ones and focus on the positive, and watch your fundraising go up.

  1. Sandy, I love this post. One of my favorite books is the Soul of Money by Lynne Twist. In it she talks about the toxic myths of scarcity. Changing out mindsets is what is required to move away from the scarcity hold.

    I’ve watched organizations that are willing to shift their language and their view point about “not enough money to go around” to getting excited to tell supporters about their vision for the future with a passion that is contagious…and then the money flows in. Thanks for a great post!

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