Because of you, lives are being changed and saved.

You are raising the funds necessary to provide the scholarships, heal the sick, take care of the abused, and feed the hungry.

It’s because of you.

You are as important in helping to cure cancer as the research scientist in the lab.

You are doing it.

And long the way, remember to have fun.

If your work isn’t fun, it’s nothing.


From Wit, Wisdom, & Moxie by Jerold Panas

  1. Sandy, what a wonderfully inspirational post. Thanks for reminding us what we are really up to. It truly is noble work! We always can use motivation and that extra push! thanks!

  2. Thanks for this inspirational quote. IT’s TRUE, fundraisers are SO important, and we help the work happen.

    But if the work isn’t fun, then ask yourself what you can do to change it? Does the change need to come from inside of you, or outside of you? Are you empowered to speak truth to power when it comes to talking to leaders in your organization? Do you need to start a nonprofit union for equal rights and better treatment at your nonprofit?

    Remember, we all live in community, and just fundraising isn’t enough. Make the nonprofit environment better for everyone around you too.

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