On most Tuesday nights, you can find me and my daughter on the couch watching our favorite TV show – Biggest Loser.

We love watching people working hard to meet their goals. If you’re unfamiliar with Biggest Loser, it’s a reality show where contestants lose weight.

Tonight showed the contestants each working an 8-hour day for a week at the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank. I was so excited to see them there!  Food banking has a special place in my heart – I spent 5 years working as the Development Director for the Food Bank in East Tennessee. If you’ve heard me speak, you know I tell a lot of Food Bank stories!

Tonight, what caught my attention was that 2 of the contestants worked in the Call Center at the Food Bank, calling and thanking donors for their support.  Yay!  The LA Food Bank has it right – donor appreciation is important.  In fact, it’s critical to cultivating relationships.

That got me to thinking – how can you recruit volunteers to help thank donors?  Sometimes a call from a volunteer or  Board member carries more weight than a call from a staff person. If you can find the right person, they might be able to make calls from home,which is attractive to some volunteers.

The important thing is to take the time to connect with donors and thank them.  No matter how you do it, you’ll be glad you did.

  1. I watched last night and was so excited to see them calling to thank donors as well. We have just begun using volunteers to assist with these calls at our agency and we have been so pleased with results!

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