There’s a big difference between being a manager and a leader. You manage stuff. You lead people.  Check out the difference in this short video.

If you can’t see the video, come back to to check it out.

  1. I loved your posting about how to spot a dysfunctional leader. But I’m not sure I agree with the spirit of this one.

    I actually think we need more management in the nonprofit world. There are a lot of leaders out there acting like maniacs (along the lines of your previous post), and there are others making great speeches and inspiring love and admiration at all levels of the organization.

    But there aren’t enough who keep a to-do list, or have a sense of what their direct reports are supposed to be doing from week to week, or know how to detect when plans are going off track early enough to correct them. Some, certainly, but not enough from what I’ve seen.

    I’ve expanded on this on my own blog —

    • Thanks for joining in the conversation Matthew. I love this little video because it’s short and fun and cute. And I agree with your point – there aren’t enough people in nonprofit leadership positions who have good administrative skills. If more leaders did a good job managing stuff, we might see fewer problems in nonprofits.


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