What would happen if you
had twice the donors?

You could hire more staff.

You could eliminate a waiting list.

You might even make fundraising FUN!

It’s time you learned how to raise serious money.

It doesn’t have to be complicated or time-consuming either.

It’s a fact: the more money you raise, the more lives you can change.

And you don’t have time to waste, trying to figure it out on your own.

Lives are depending on your nonprofit, right now, to provide services.


Double Your Donors Mastermind is a unique program that shows you how to build a big loyal donor base of people who love you cause and want to see you succeed. It’s about setting you up for success with sustainable, repeatable funding so you can breathe easier about growing your organization.


You need to add or grow a program and
need the funding to make it happen

You’re ready to have a year of
record-breaking fundraising

You’d love a community of like-minded people
who are up to big things, just like you!

You’d love more confidence and clarity
about how to raise money

Just Imagine:

Surrounding yourself with a rush of new, loyal donors who are happy to support your work again and again

Always knowing the right thing to say to grab people by the heartstrings, motivating them to give

Knowing exactly when to ask for a donation so that donors are ready and delighted to give

100% practical, usable content

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Grow Your Base of Support

    Find ideal new donors who already love your mission

  • Inspire Donors to Give

    Learn to speak the donor’s language to connect on a deep emotional level

  • Keep ‘Em Giving

    Master donor retention with a Donor Nurture Plan


    Knock their socks off with nurturing communications that touch their heart, every time

  • Ask for ANYTHING!

    Learn how to confidently ask for whatever your organization needs


    Combine the right mix of appeals, newsletters and warm touches to meet your bottom line


Each month, we’ll focus on one aspect of fundraising and donor inspiration. It’s not just food for thought – we’ll be getting it done!


  • Double Up Power
    Hour live webinar

    Each month, you’ll learn the hands-on steps to
    take to inspire your donors to give. I’ll teach you what you need to know about a specific topic along with
    all the practical ideas and tips I’m known for. ($1,797.00 value)

  • Donor Inspiration

    In this workshop, you’ll have the chance to get something DONE or at least started.
    ($1,197.00 value)

  • Donor Inspiration
    Makeover session

    Learn how to polish up your materials so that donors
    spring to action for you. No more sending something out and getting dismal response! ($2,997.00 value)

  • Double Up
    Coaching Zone

    Bring your questions and get help, get unstuck, and get motivated with the support of me and your mastermind community. ($5,997.00 value)

Count those up – that’s 4 sessions a month! Basically each week you’ll have the chance to be on a webinar with me to learn and get support so you can move forward faster.

Recordings available! I highly encourage you to make the live webinars. However, if something comes up, don’t worry – we’ll record each one and you can access it later.


  • Quarterly 1-on-1 calls with Sandy. Every 3 months, you’ll have the chance to hop on the phone privately with me to strategize fundraising for your nonprofit. ($6,000.00 value)

  • Surprise Bonus Trainings. From time to time, I’ll have extra trainings you can access that will go deep into topics like Annual Reports, Speaking Gigs, and Working with the Media. ($1,200.00 value)

  • Training Vault. You’ll get access to a variety of recorded webinars on monthly giving, public relations, social media, and much more. ($1,200.00 value)

  • Double Up Inspiration Kit. Each month, I’ll give you templates, checklists, and samples to make things easier. Just customize a few things and use these materials right away. ($997.00 value)

  • Double Up Facebook Community. Here’s your online neighborhood where you can share your celebrations, get feedback and support, network and make new friends with others just like you. ($997.00 value)

  • Double Up Inspiration. Everyone needs a little dose of inspiration, and each week, you’ll get a short email to inspire you and set the stage for the week. ($497.00)

That’s a total value of $22,879.00 for this one-of-a-kind program.

What’s this worth to your nonprofit?


in this program, you should be able to grow your donor
base significantly and double or even triple your
fundraising results. I’ve done it and you can do it, too.



If you show up to the weekly webinars and do what
I tell you to do, you WILL raise more money.
If you don’t, I’ll work with you personally until
you do. As long as you’re taking action and doing
the work, you won’t fail.

The fee for this program with all
the benefits is $497 per month

That’s a fraction of what you’d pay
to work one-on-one with me.

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(see what others are saying)

“She has been amazing to work with, and a terrific mentor and resource. Even though my knowledge of fundraising was limited, she helped me create a plan to grow our major gift society from about 80 members to over 125. These people each give $1,000 or more, so that’s an increase of over $40,000! I would highly recommend Sandy to anyone entering the nonprofit world and looking for great ways to become fully funded”
Courtney Steckel, Director of Development, Humane Society of Greater Dayton, Dayton, OH

“Since I was hired in 2009, my goal has been to raise $125,000 in a year. When I came to the organization, annual fundraising was at about $85,000. In 2013 I had my best year to date, at $116,000, but in 2014 I totally blew it out of the water at $130,000! This is also $20,000 higher than our budgeted income for the year. We’re going to launch our first capital campaign in 2015, and I’m coming into the year with so much confidence that it’s going to be a success. Thanks again, I truly couldn’t have done it without your help!”
Caroline Gandy, Executive Director, Valle Crucis Community Park, Valle Crucis, NC

“At best I thought that was a stretch. A good marketing slogan. You have good material but I never really fully believed we could ever be fully funded. In December of 2013, I went out on a big limb and sent to our donors an appeal called “Unfunded goals for 2014.” By May 2014 we raised our entire budget for the year…and we put more than I ever thought possible in our general fund….We have mostly, but certainly not perfectly,followed the fund raising plan. Steady effort works! Love and appreciate you”
Andy Perkins, Director, BESTWA, Grand Prairie, Texas

“Not only was the “Get Fully Funded” program easy to use, I found it more helpful than the assigned text for the class. Upon completion of the program, I was hired on and I still continue to use this system. It helps the novice navigate unfamiliar territory and it has great insight for those who are already familiar with fundraising. Within the first six months of using this program, we were able to exceed our fundraising goals and acquire a million-dollar donation.”
Michael Nancy Ricketts, Development Director, Mercy Medical Clinic, Vidalia, GA


Free ticket to The Inspired Fundraising Retreat

We’re doing an in-person event this summer in Atlanta, GA, and everyone who signs up for the mastermind gets a free ticket! It’s 3 days of me teaching you my best stuff for fundraising, inspiring donors and growing your organization. ($347.00 value!)


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