Here in the Get Fully Funded world, I stress the importance of having a fundraising plan.

Being proactive and knowing exactly what to do will make your life easier AND help you raise more money. 

But before you launch into creating a plan, you need to evaluate what’s happened in the last year.

  • What really worked?
  • What really didn’t work?
  • Which things need to be repeated?
  • Which things need to be let go?
  • Where should you focus your fundraising time and efforts this year?

Only when you stop and thoughtfully consider your successes and failures can you answer these questions.

And the best place to start is by looking at your numbers.

DON’T do things just because you always have.

DO things because they’ll work and move you closer to your goals.

Spend some time evaluating your results from last year. Then you can make a good decision about what activities you want to repeat and which ones you should let go.

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