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Learning how to do fundraising is simple. Believing you can do it successfully is harder.

If you’ve ever found yourself struggling with parts of fundraising over and over, dreaded calling on donors, or had days where everything felt like an uphill battle, you may have some mindset issues around fundraising.

In this webinar, you’ll learn how mindset, or the way you think and feel about fundraising, seriously impacts your ability to raise money and can either keep you stuck or help you break through to the next level of success.

Here are the BIG takeaways you can expect as a Fundraiser:

  • The importance of thinking BIG and what that sounds like
  • Signs that your mindset might be keeping you stuck at a low level of fundraising
  • 4 most common self-sabotaging excuses that short-circuit your ability to reach your goals
  • What Fundraising Chaos is and how to prevent it
  • Specific actions you can take to set yourself free from a limiting mindset so you can raise more money

You’ll walk away with a better understanding of your current mindset, how it is impacting your fundraising, and how to start to shift it.


About your trainer:

sandy and sadie
Sandy Rees is a coach/trainer who specializes in showing nonprofit leaders how to raise the money of their dreams. She’s trained dozens of nonprofit Boards how to love their job and step through their fear of fundraising so they can fully fund their programs.

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