Here are several resources I thought you might be interested in.

The January edition of the Nonprofit Blog Carnival is up at IssueLab’s Footnotes.  You’ll find several posts on the topic of ‘online outreach on a budget.’  Check it out here:

There’s a great post on the “A Small Change” blog about making your fundraising efforts go viral.

If you’re serious about blogging and social media, check out the results from John Haydon’s 31 day challenge.  There’s some very interesting stuff here.

Network for Good has a new, free ebook called the Fundraiser’s Checklist.  Grab your copy at

Kivi Leroux Miller at the Nonprofit Communications Blog has a great post on integrating your website, email newsletter, and social media.  Read it here:

Nancy Schwartz at the Getting Attention Blog has a great post on how most nonprofits fail to connect with their audience.  Read it here:

One of my favorite authors and bloggers is Seth Godin.  Here’s a great post on his blog about spreading ideas.

There’s a good article on the Step By Step Fundraising site written by Marc Pitman that talks about the 80/20 rule.  Interesting.  Check it out at

If you know of other really interesting resources I can share, hit the comment link and let me know.  Thanks!