There’s something attractive about being positive.

I’ve found in my experience as a fundraiser that the more positive I am about my organization, my work, and life in general, the more effective I am.  I seem to attract donations and opportunities like moths to a lamp and see great fundraising results.

Being positive requires me to watch my words and my thoughts. 

Words are more powerful than we give them credit for.  When we casually say something like “nobody will ever support this”, it seeps into our brains and we start to believe it.

So start noticing when you say things like this and speak the truth instead. The truth sounds like “I hope people will support this” or “I would support this if I were a donor.”  Big difference.

The Agents of Good Blog posted yesterday about bloggers who focus on the positive and yours truly was listed as one of the bloggers.  I invite you to read their post and visit the other positive bloggers.

  1. Kristina Shands says:

    Great shout out to you. You always have such kind, nurturing things to say, even when you want to just scream.

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