I was at a fundraising committee meeting recently and we were talking about growing the organization’s donor base.

This is a common goal for nonprofit organizations, right?  Well, I’m always delighted when folks who don’t have formal fundraising training get it, as happened that day.

As we were talking about strategies for growing the donor base, we talked about how minimizing the loss of donors would help increase our overall number of active donors.  That’s when one sweet man said “we need to put our picture on their piano.”  We giggled immediately knowing what he meant.

I remember when I was little, my Grandma had lots of photos of family and friends on her beautiful upright piano.  That was her way of keeping them close and remembering them often.

The suggestion of putting our picture on the donor’s piano was a perfect way to describe the importance we need to put on relationships with our donors.

Our donors are so much more to us than just the check they write. 

Their gift is a vote of confidence in the work our organization is doing.  It’s their way of saying they support what we’re doing and they want to see us succeed.  They, too, want to see the change we’re after in the world.

And that kind of support deserves our attention and respect.

Maybe we should put their picture on our piano, too.

  1. Thank you for this simple, but profound reminder to garner relationships with our donors. When we forget our donor relationships, when suddenly remember our organization demise.

    Hope and Peace,
    Andrew S. Dungan

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