Donor-based fundraising is a key to raising big money.

In fact, it’s so important that it’s a critical piece of the Get Fully Funded system.

Here’s a short video where I talk about donor-based fundraising.


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  1. Thanks for your advice!

    Working at the non-profit I serve on getting everyone to approach donors not just as dollar signs, but as partners. . . as a team!

  2. Actually our organization THE SOCIO-ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT ASSOCIATION(SEDA) , Manipur (India) is seeking Funding or donation from the donors in order to support our project namely Childre’s Home and To promote and protect the violation lf women’s rights and to advance gender inequality.

    We need your help and guidance for this cause ,. please help us in the interest of needy and disadvantaged children and women globally.
    With thanks

    Sagolsem Inaobi Singh
    Chief Functionary

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