Thanks to everyone who has been asking/texting/posting to make sure we’re okay following the devastating tornadoes last Wednesday.

I’ll have to say, it was a very long evening.

We knew for a couple of days that severe weather was coming.  It started in earnest about 4 pm and we watched the local weather broadcast until nearly midnight, with one tornado warning after another.

I’ll tell you, it was exhausting!  We were on pins and needles knowing that at a moment’s notice, we’d need to run for the basement.

And I kept texting my daughter to make sure she was okay at school.

Over the course of the evening, 4 tornadoes came within 15 miles of our house, yet the worst we had was heavy rain, strong winds, and some hail.

Some of our neighbors in the next counties weren’t as lucky.  Many lost homes and some lost their lives.

They say it’s one of the worst outbreak of tornadoes ever.

I’m so stunned by the devastation.  Every day, I find some bit of evidence of the storm in my yard.  Every day, we find bits of siding, small pieces of roofing, and general debris.

One day we found part of a baby picture in the garden.  Yesterday, I found a recipe card, a couple of baseball cards, and part of someone’s homework behind the house.  Mom found a direct deposit slip close to the fence.  I found a Christmas photo near the creek.

And every one of these tugs at my heart, reminding me of those who lost everything in the storms.

I’m so grateful for all those who are jumping in to help.  Our local rescue squad mobilized immediately and drove an hour south to help one of the hardest hit areas in Tennessee.  Salvation Army and Red Cross volunteers have been out in force offering aid.  Church groups are collecting supplies and driving to Alabama to help.

It inspires me and reminds me why I love working in the world of nonprofit – there’s such a spirit of generosity in times of need.

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