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You’ll find an array of services to help you bring more money into your nonprofit so you can change more lives.

Fundraising Plan

Get the support you need to craft a customized plan to catapult your fundraising efforts this year.

We call it Fundraising Launch Pad and it’s a unique coaching program that gives you the plan you need to substantially grow your funding.It’s perfect for founders and passionate Executive Directors with young organizations. It’s also great for any nonprofit that has just started donor-based fundraising or anyone who has

  • Written some grants, but getting less than 3 of every 10 submitted
  • Done too many events and would rather have 1 that works
  • Some individual donors, but not enough to provide a large funding stream
  • Fallen short of raising enough money to fund their big dream

The plan we create together will play to your strengths, simplify your efforts, and fully fund your budget. We’ll leverage your organization’s assets and make sure that the plan is repeatable, so you aren’t reinventing the wheel each year. And we’ll go for your low-hanging fruit so you can start to get results quickly.

Ready to hear more? Download the information packet to learn more details! Launch Pad description

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Development Audit


Are you missing out on BIG opportunities (and possibly leaving BIG money on the table)?

Sometimes you just don’t know what you don’t know. It’s a case of “can’t see the forest for the trees.” When you live and breathe your nonprofit, you can’t see missed opportunities.

Through a Development Audit, we can help you uncover a treasure trove of opportunities that are lurking right under your nose. We can help you find donors who are diamonds in the rough, and capable of doing much more for your organization. And, we can help you find holes in your systems that are sucking time and energy out of your day.

The Development Audit starts with a self-assessment that you complete before we visit your location to do some deep digging. The Get Fully Funded team will review every part of your nonprofit fundraising, including:

  • Interviewing key staff and volunteers
  • Reviewing systems and processes
  • Looking at your database
  • Reviewing your materials
  • Evaluating your fundraising plans and past results

We’ll provide you with a comprehensive, written report to detail our findings and recommendations for you so you can be sure your office is working smarter, not harder, and with less stress and more confidence.

A Development Audit may be right for you if your organization:

  • Has recently experienced transition or new leadership
  • Has had fast growth over the past year or two
  • Is anticipating a capital campaign in the next year or so
  • Is shifting or re-prioritizing resources

Typically, we find anywhere from $100,000 to $1,000,000 in gifts, just waiting to be asked for!

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Private VIP Day


As you’re growing your nonprofit, it’s not always an easy road. In fact, sometimes you just get stuck.
When that happens, it’s good to have someone to get you focused and back on track, preferably as quickly as possible.

In a VIP Day, you get the full attention of the Get Fully Funded team to address specific problems you’re facing in your organization. We’ll help you develop strategies to overcome hurdles and address challenges. We’ll call you out if we see places where you’re playing small, and give you a heaping dose of inspiration so you can return to your office recharged and ready to go.

Planning is a big part of a VIP Day. You’ll leave with a clear picture of what you need to do next and how to overcome anything that might slow you down.
Specific issues we can address in a VIP Day include:

  • Creating a written fundraising plan
  • Doubling your fundraising
  • Planning a specific fundraising strategy, like direct mail or major gifts
  • Improving your donor retention rates
  • Strengthening your Board

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Grant Research


For a healthy nonprofit, grants should make up about 15% of your annual budget. But if you don’t know where to find grantors who will love your programs, you’ll be stuck forever at zero.

If you’d like to have a revenue stream from grants, but don’t know how to find the right opportunities, we can help. The Get Fully Funded team can conduct research for you to find private and corporate foundations that are a ‘hand-in-glove’ fit for your programs and projects, which means you have an outstanding chance of getting a grant.

We’ll give you everything you need to write a successful grant, including

  • Detailed foundation information, like contact name, email address, and phone number
  • Upcoming deadlines
  • Specific program areas they focus on that match your projects
  • Specific geographic restrictions they have
  • Suggested grant request amount

You can confidently move forward, focusing your attention on creating a persuasive proposal, knowing the really hard work is done!

Send an email to, and we can send you a sample of research that we have done.