Routine:  a pattern of behavior that is repeated over time.


We all have routines, don’t we?

We have a particular order of doing things when we get ready in the morning or when we cook our favorite dish. or when we’re working.

Some of us like routine – children do better with routine (so do my cats and horses!).

Routines can help us accomplish tasks easier and with less stress.  But, once we get out of a routine, it can take some time to get back in it.

For example, I’ve been in a pretty good habit of blogging for the past few years.  There’s a particular time of day that I normally sit down and put my thoughts online.  Over the past few weeks, I’ve experienced lots of unusual bumps in the road that have thrown me off.

It would be really easy for me to say “I’m too busy right now.  I don’t have time to blog.” and blow it off.  If I did that, chances are good I’d eventually quit altogether (and I don’t want to do that).

So, I’m recommitting myself to share something helpful to you.

As a Fundraiser, look at your habits. It’s easy to set important things aside when craziness crashes in.

For example, maybe you have some time set aside every afternoon for making thank-you calls to your donors.  Then one week, you have a grant application that for whatever reason, you are running behind on.  You have to decide between making your calls or getting your grant application out.  Maybe the next day, your Board Chair needs to chat with you.  And the next day it’s something else.  Before you know it, you’ve given up your routine of calling donors. Which, in my opinion, is a major mistake if you want to raise big money!

The bottom line is that you must choose what’s important and what you will spend your time on. 

In your case, I encourage you to always think about which tasks and activities will move you closer to your goals. (If you don’t know what your goals are, that’s an even bigger problem!)

There’s always going to be a “crisis du jour” in your office that will cry for your attention.  Always be very clear about your priorities and what you need to spend your time on.  When you stay focused on the most important thing, you’ll reach your goals and be successful.

And if you need to, join me in recommitting to those things that we need to do.

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