DogPrints_Blue_RGBWhat if the animals you work so hard to save could speak on your behalf?

What if they could encourage your donors to give?

Maybe raise awareness for your cause?

Presenting — a brand new service called the “Talking Animal Video.”


Here are some fun ways you can use your Talking Animal Video to help you with your fundraising:


  • Spread the word. What better way to raise awareness than a cute animal speaking about your cause? Share your Talking Animal Video on your social media channels and watch it take off as others share it, too.
  • Invite donors to an event. Your special events are designed to raise money for the animals, so how about having an animal doing the inviting? A dog or cat can give the details of the upcoming event and tell people how to purchase tickets.
  • Thank your donors. Let the animals do it for you! Just imagine how your supporters will feel when they open an email from you to see a sweet puppy or kitten thanking them for their support!


Watch this video our team did for Planned Pethood of Georgia last year to raise awareness of their work. We launched this video right before an Open House they held, and it was fun listening to people talk about how much they enjoyed the Pirate Kitty!

It’s super easy to get your video done – just click the “Let’s Shoot” button below to get started. Then,

  • You’ll get an email with a couple of forms to fill out, to help you get clear about the purpose of your video and the action you want the viewer to take.
  • We’ll take that info and rough out a script for you to review.
  • You review the script, send us a photo of an animal, and we’ll get to work.
  • You’ll get your first draft in just a few days.
  • After you review the video draft, we’ll make changes, then send you the final video, ready to post and share!


What’s included?Elise_Doodle_Brown_RGB

  • Recorded video and audio
  • Help writing the video script
  • Two sets of revisions, so you can make the video exactly how you want it
  • Final product in an MP4 file that you can upload directly in your website, Facebook, or your YouTube channel



Saving animals can be hard, heavy work. This is your chance to engage your supporters in a fun, lighthearted way.


Sign up for a Talking Animal Video now and let our team help you create a video with the potential to go viral!




Regular Price $497


Let’s Shoot It!




The first 3 people who purchase a “Talking Animal Video” service from us will also get an extra bonus:

  1. “30 Minute strategy session with Sandy” – Use this session to talk about your specific fundraising situation and get ideas for using your talking animal video $147 value



Meet our Talking Animal Video Designer:

DSC_6491Emily is a video editor/graphic designer who has been creating regular and Talking Animal Videos for Get Fully Funded clients for the past 18 months. She’s the creator of the Pirate Kitty video you see above, and has created a number of educational animations about fundraising.
Got questions? Email Emily directly at, and she will be happy to answer your questions!