There’s nothing more important than thanking our donors.

We need to make sure donors know how much we appreciate them and their generosity.  So thank your donor 7 times.

The 7 Thanks don’t have to be elaborate or expensive – just sincere.

The initial Thank You should be timely.  Your quick response to a donor’s gift lets them know that you did in fact receive their gift and that you are glad to have it.  Ideally, you should get an initial Thank You letter out within 48 hours of receiving a gift.  There’s nothing worse for a donor than waiting weeks or months for a gift acknowledgement.

Subsequent Thank Yous may be spread out over several weeks or months.  Letting a little time go by between Thank Yous shows the donor that you haven’t forgotten about them.  And, it helps you build a relationship.

Ideas for the 7 Thank Yous:

  • Computer-generated letter
  • Hand-written note card
  • Phone call
  • Email
  • Call or note from the Executive Director
  • Call or note from a Board member
  • Call or note from another staff member (NOT a Fundraiser)
  • Note from a client
  • Photograph of your organization in action
  • Written update about the use of the donor’s gift

So get busy and thank your donors!

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