It’s a big deal when someone makes a gift to your nonprofit. Even a small donation shows that someone cared enough to take the time to give you money.

I hope you never get so big that you forget how every dollar counts. And every donor matters.

When a donor makes a gift, it’s a good thing. It shows how much they care about your work.

When a donor makes repeated gifts, and supports you year after year, it should be celebrated. This is a high compliment to you and shows how much they trust you with their money. After all, they wouldn’t keep giving if they didn’t feel confident that you can handle the money well.

So, how do you keep them giving?

Successful fundraising is all about the follow up.

The key to creating loyal donors is following up with them to let them know what you’ve done with their money. You can accomplish this through a letter, a newsletter, social media, and more. One really common way to report back to your donors is with an annual report.

The real trick to an annual report is to keep it concise and interesting.  There’s no need for you to blather on about how great and wonderful your nonprofit is. Just get to the juicy stuff and show them how many lives have been changed by the work your organization does.

Check out this short video for more ideas about creating a power-packed annual report.

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