Many people are wildly successful in fundraising these days.

They’re raising money from lots of places, and it seems like everything they touch turns to gold.

After working with several, I’ve noticed that share a few things in common.

1. They are passionate about their cause.  They believe deeply in the work their nonprofit does and they love seeing loves changed.

2. They are willing to do whatever it takes to see their nonprofit organization succeed.  If that means working long hours, they’ll do it.  If that means dealing with problematic Board members, they’ll do it.  If that means overcoming their fear of asking for money, they’ll do it.

3. They believe that their cause is worth supporting, and they place no weight on the current economy.  They know that there are plenty of people out there who have money to give, so they keep asking.  Some of them stop watching the news because they don’t want all that negativity about the economy.  They focus on the good stuff and on the lives that are being changed by their nonprofit.

You can be a wildly successful fundraiser, too!  Adopt these three attitudes and watch things start to change.

  1. Sandy, I believe that another trait is that wildly successful fundraising ask the question: Even if this looks impossible now, what would it look like if it were not? And then they get to work on doing those things.

  2. Great, Sandy! I would also add to adopt an open attitude about trying new things. Funding streams getting stale? Add new ones! Don’t rely on the same methods of fund raising over and over again.

  3. Very pertinent comments, I’d add a fourth (which if it isn’t there means the fundraiser has got some work to do) and that is a powerful case for support (not always a given). They’ve got to be able to speak passionately to answer three simple questions. What do you DO? Why do YOU do it? And Why should I support you?

    Get that right and you’ve cracked it.

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