Taking a few minutes to thank a donor is some of the best time you’ll spend as a fundraiser.

Don’t overlook or underestimate the importance of this small task!

When done well, donor appreciation can bring big rewards later on.

Here are a few tips for thanking a donor.

1. Send a Thank You letter promptly.  Ideally, you want to have a Thank You letter in the mail to the donor within 48 hours of receiving their gift.  If you can’t possible do 48 hours, then figure out what you CAN do and be consistent.

2. Personalize the letter.  This is NO time for ‘Dear Friend.’

3. The Executive Director of the organization should sign the letter.  This shows the donor how important their gift is.

4. Include meaningful information in the Thank You letter.  Let the donor know how their gift will be used and what impact it will make.

There are probably dozens of other things you can do to strengthen your Thank You letter.

If you have a good one, hit the comment link and share.  We’d all benefit from what you have to say.

  1. Call, even if it’s just $10, to say thank you.
    I got individual gifts increased from $13K to $70K in one year with this simple method.

    Creating a good feeling around your nonprofit is easy, and the personal touch is extremely important.

    Follow up your letter with a thank you email, if you can.


    • I completely agree. Every donor deserves to be thanked every time.

      Congrats on your gift increases! That’s awesome! A true testament to what a little gratitude will do!


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