In case you didn’t get a chance to catch these the first time around, here are the most popular ones of the year:
1. Why You Need to Stop Looking for “Rich People”. Find out who you should be looking for instead. Being strategic is way better, and this article will show you the 3 most common mistakes made when people are looking for new donors, and the 1 thing you should do instead.
2. Fundraising for Introverts: How Introverts Can Stretch to Raise More Money.  Can an introvert be a good fundraiser? You bet! Learn how to stretch a bit outside your comfort zone to build relationships and succeed at fundraising even if you don’t feel like being around people.
3. Top 10 Time Wasters in Fundraising.Plug these 10 time leaks and you can get more done in your day.  
4. Fundraising Lessons I Learned From my Cat. Fundraising lessons are all around us if we just look. Here are 4 you can learn from my cat Ginger.
5. The Only Question You Need to Answer.  If you can master the art of thinking like a donor, fundraising will get easier. I guarantee it.  Try the exercise in this article to get inside your donor’s head and heart to understand what she really wants from you.
6. What Your Donors Want From You.  When you know what your donors want, you can easily give it to them. Hint: it’s not the nice tax receipt you send them. Find out the 7 things your donor really wants in this article. Also, get some ideas on ways to deliver the “wow” in their experience with you.
7. How to Turn Your Board Into a Fundraising Board. If your Board avoids fundraising like the plague, you’ll find 4 steps in this article to help solve that problem.
8. Have the Best Year-End Fundraising Ever. This article gives you 13 steps to follow to make your year-end fundraising wildly successful. With the practical ideas and tips, this one is a MUST read!
9. How the Power of Storytelling Helped Them Raise $12,000 in 12 Days.This is one of our most powerful case studies, showing how a small nonprofit with no Facebook presence went from zero to hero in a short period of time. Find out how they did it.
10. Are Donors More Likely to Support Fundraisers or Fundraising? Is it easier to sell a ticket to an event or ask for a donation? Ever wonder why that is? This article will give you some insight into why you feel that way and how to focus more on your donors.

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