I thought I’d have a little fun here and list for you the Top 10 Reasons NOT to create a fundraising plan (David Letterman style).

Here they are:

10. You like working in crisis mode.  It makes the day more interesting.

9. You think flying-by-the-seat-of-your-pants is somewhere between “coach” and “first class.”

8. If you have a plan, you might lose your membership in “Underachievers Anonymous.”

7. You think “crisis du jour” means soup of the day and you’re hoping it’s broccoli cheese.

6. Being reactive actually forces you to scurry around the office more, and it counts as exercise.

5. If you had a plan you might need to be organized, and you’re afraid of what you might find if you were to clean your office.  Some of those piles of paper have been there a LONG time!

4. You LIKE wandering aimlessly!

3. You have no more space on your bookshelf for the binder containing the plan.  (Isn’t that what we do with plans?)

2. Working a plan would mean being more efficient and you’re not sure what you’d do with all your free time.

And the number 1 reason…

1. If your plan is successful and you raise a lot of money, you might work yourself out of a job!

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