Becoming a successful Fundraiser isn’t necessarily easy, but it is simple.

I’ve done it and I’ve coached many, many people through it.

The nonprofit clients I work with privately see results within the first few months. Here’s what they do to be successful:

  • They take ACTION and implement what they learn.
  • They get really good at telling their story to lots of people.
  • They create a written plan for fundraising.
  • They get out there and spread the word about their cause.
  • They learn how to say “no” to things that don’t help them raise money.
  • They work smarter, not harder.
  • They create systems to make their work easier.
  • They develop deep and lasting relationships with key supporters and donors.
  • They create diverse revenue streams from a variety of fundraising strategies.
  • They thank every donor, every time, and do a fantastic job of it.
  • They track where their fundraising dollars are being spent and where the most money is being raised.
  • They regularly review their fundraising plan and make adjustments as needed.

The most important thing they do?  They take ACTION.  They do stuff.  They implement.

They don’t sit around and think too long or suffer from analysis paralysis.

They try things out.  And they get results.

  1. Sandy, I honestly have to admit that of all the Fundraising books I have read in the past, the Get Fully Funded book has to be the best and the most informative. It’s easy to read, and easy to follow the tips and other information you have provided. AWSOME WORK on your book. Will be sharing alot of the information and tips with my organization….specially the part of getting everyone onboard and on the same page. That seems to be the biggest problem we have at the moment. Again, Thank You…..Thank You….Thank You.

    Gene from Indiana

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